All products are built in-house and produced by Murray Blair, a Piper and Audio Engineer with over 20 years professional audio experience.
As a piper Murray grew up in the local band in Warrnambool, taught by his father Donald Blair, then joined the renowned Victoria Police Pipe Band. (Masterblasters, Live in the Rockies, Live in Ballymena, Uphold the Right). During this time he released the music book ‘Philharmonic’, with many of the tunes played by the Victoria Police. His solo achievements include the RU Brown Silver Medal.

As an audio engineer with BBC training, Murray has produced audio for major broadcasters around the world including commercial record companies. To date, has  produced a total of 28 Piping and Pipe Band albums.

Along with the Blair Digital Chanter, Murray has produced the HBT range of Bagpipe Tuners and co-founder of the Bagpiper case.

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