When to use the ALR

One of the extensive features of the Blair Digital Chanter is the ability to individually customize each finger sensors to suit the way you play.
This means if you have a sticky D grace note or a twitchy birl, the sensors can be tweaked accordingly to suit.

Another advanced feature is ALR. (Ambient Light Regulator)

ALR controls how the sensors react in high levels of sunlight and extreme temperatures, usually when playing the Chanter outdoors. In rare circumstances if the sunlight is so intense, sensors can be triggered even without actually playing a note.  This is where the ALR comes to the rescue!

The ALR function controls the intensity of ambient light and how the sensors detect your fingers in those extreme conditions. It has four levels; low, med, high & extreme.

If you’re playing outdoors on stage or in an environment where it’s very hot, lots of sunlight and quite bright, ALR should be used only if the sensors aren’t responding correctly with your fingers. When playing indoors ALR should always be set to off.

To recap:

  • If you’re playing indoors, ALR off.
  • Playing outdoors, only activate ALR if it’s required.