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There are 2 files required to update your Blair Digital Chanter.

1. The Blair Digital Bagpipes PC app.  Mac | Windows (see requirements below)
2. bdc files. (Instruments & Firmware) download the latest below.

The PC app sends a ‘x.bdc’ file to your Chanter via USB. This file contains new sounds and features.
Firmware is the operating system and also a ‘x.bdc’ file. Always install the latest firmware before new instruments. (see below)

How to update your Chanter?
1. Download and run the PC App
2. Download and load a BDC file into the PC App
3. Connect your Chanter, select Advanced > Update
4. Press Update on the PC App when your Chanters No. is detected.

Read here for more support.
*Important reading – Use of Software Terms & Conditions

Download the latest PC App Software
MAC V1.3
Mac OS 10.09 and above required.
PC V1.3Windows 7 and above required.

Installation support (Windows)

Every effort has been made to ensure software compatibility with your PC configuration.
If there is an error, please contact.

Download the latest Firmware
– Reverb
This update installs a Reverb into your Digital Chanter. It also includes Pan, Metronome, Battery management.
Read more about the Blair Digital Chanter Reverb

Download Reverb Parameters
This update is recommended for all users.

Download Instruments
Key of C Scottish Smallpipes  Pitch 440hz. 3 Drones (Bass, Baritone and Tenor Drone)
 Key of D Scottish Smallpipes Pitch 440hz 3 Drones, with and an additional Bass drone with volume control. The added Bass drone adds depth. Audio tip* Use the Pan feature to create a wide, absorbing drone sound!

* Currently only 1 additional instrument can be stored inside your chanter at a time.
However! an update is on it’s way which will allow multiple bagpipes to be loaded and stored. This means Ghb, Ptc, Smallpipes in A, C, D + many more – all inside your digital chanter.

**All downloaded software is optional, complimentary, and add-on to the Blair Digital Chanter. Please read the Terms and Conditions below.

Use of Software Terms & Conditions.