How to expand your Blair Digital Chanter

1. Download the Blair Digital Bagpipes PC app V2.2. Mac | Windows (see requirements below)
2. Download the latest firmware and load into the app. (read below if your chanter is running v1.12)
3. Download Instruments, then load into app.
4. Connect Chanter via USB, and on Chanter menu select Advanced > Updater.
5. On the PC app press the ‘Update Chanter’ button.

• All downloaded software is complimentary and optional to install.
• Please read before installing; Use of Software Terms & Conditions

Available Software & Instrument Downloads

Blair Bagpipes App for MAC v2.2Mac OS 10.09 and above required.
Blair Bagpipes App for Windows v2.2 Windows 7 and above required.

• Version v2.2 must be used in conjunction with firmware  v1.13 onwards.

Installation support (Windows 7)  Every effort has been made to ensure software compatibility with your PC configuration. If there is an error, please contact.